Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

In 2011, Saint Anne’s was the first hospital in Massachusetts to offer innovative, Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery, which is now available for partial knee resurfacing, total knee and hip replacement. To date, our orthopedic surgeons have performed more than 1,400 Mako procedures.

Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

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Mako™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery Available in Fall River, MA

The procedure is an innovative, robotic-arm assisted alternative to traditional knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Mako Partial Knee replacement and Total Knee replacement are designed to relieve pain caused by joint degeneration and can offer:
  • Improved surgical outcomes resulting in a more natural feeling knee following surgery
  • Less implant wear and loosening
  • Joint resurfacing
  • Bone sparing
  • Smaller incision
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Rapid recovery
Mako Total Hip replacement can offer the following benefits over traditional hip replacement:
  • Accurate placement of the hip implant using the surgeon-controlled robotic arm system, reducing the likelihood of hip dislocation
  • More consistency in leg length, potentially decreasing the need for a shoe lift
  • Decreased risk of the implant and bone abnormally rubbing together, improving the lifetime of the implant



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