Partners and Programs

Evidence-based programs serving our communities' needs.

As part of our Community Health Program, Saint Anne's Hospital is committed to offering the following programs on a regular basis to residents living in the surrounding Greater Fall River communities :

  • Health education seminars and programs
  • Free health screenings
  • Cancer screenings
  • Support groups
  • Community outreach

Community Partners:

  • Children's Advocacy Center of Bristol County
  • SSTAR Family Health Care Center
  • Bristol Elder Services
  • Coastline Elders
  • Diabetes Association/People Incorporated
  • Faith Communities in Southeastern, MA
  • Fall River Food Pantry
  • Fall River Public Schools
  • Fall River Public Housing
  • Healthfirst Community Center
  • Medical-Legal Partnership
  • Southcoast Justice Center of Southeastern, MA
  • Standard Pharmacy
  • Steppingstone
  • Youth Trauma Program

Learn more about our specific community health programs and services:

Health Insurance Enrollment and Outreach Program

This program strives to improve access to health care for the working poor, including the elderly, individuals with language barriers and individuals without transportation. Our bi-lingual health promotion advocate assists the uninsured and underinsured to enroll in available insurance products by providing direct help with filling out the many required applications. Also, when appropriate, assistance in scheduling, coordinating interpreter services, and providing referrals or transportation to health care providers and services is offered.