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The Center for Wound Healing

Advanced care for non-healing wounds for patients of all ages

How Saint Anne's Center for Wound Healing can help

Every year, chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions keep millions of Americans from doing the things they love to do.

The Center for Wound Healing at Saint Anne’s Hospital can help and heal.  We offer a comprehensive treatment program for patients of all ages, utilizing advanced techniques from a team of wound care specialists. 

Our team

Our experienced medical staff, including wound care specialists, surgeons, physician assistant, and registered nurses with specialized ostomy and wound certification can design and deliver individualized treatment plans in conjunction with each patient’s referring physician. 

Together, they will work to help patients of all ages recover from such conditions as diabetic/neuropathic wounds, wounds resulting from trauma, vascular wounds/lower leg ulcers, pressure ulcers/bedsores, surgical dehiscence, cancer wounds and other non-healing wounds.

  • A wide variety of treatment options for patients of all ages 

  • The Center for Wound Healing at Saint Anne's Hospital offers a wide variety of treatment options for non-healing wounds.  These include:

    • Complete medical history and wound assessment
    • Coordination and referral for nutrition evaluation and other therapies and home care services
    • Debridement and surgical intervention
    • Diabetic education
    • Doppler ultrasound
    • Infectious disease management
    • Laboratory evaluation
    • Negative pressure wound therapy
    • Nuclear medicine and radiology
    • Nutritional management
    • Pain management
    • Patient and caregiver education
    • Vascular evaluation, including MRI/MRA
    • Wound protection and management

    Ask your doctor

    If you have:

    • Diabetic/neuropathic wounds
    • Vascular wounds/lower leg ulcers
    • Pressure ulcers/bedsores
    • Surgical dehiscence (non-healing surgical wounds)
    • Other non-healing wounds
    • Cancer wounds

    Many patients find that wounds that have resisted healing after months and even years of traditional treatment can be treated.  It's all we do.  Ask your doctor for a referral, or call 508-235-5229

    Center for Wound Healing
    Saint Anne's Hospital

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