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Contact a patient: Email and Telephone

If you can't visit a hospitalized patient at Saint Anne's Hospital but would like to send your best wishes, you can, in most instances, call a patient; or you can email a patient.

To call a patient

Please call Patient Information, 508-675-5695. If the patient is able to receive calls, our Patient Information representatives will help connect you. 

Please note: Patients in the Intensive Care Unit may not receive calls.

To e-mail a patient:

Sending your good wishes to a hospitalized patient at Saint Anne's by email is easy - and it's free! 

You may send an email just by filling out the form below and clicking “Submit.” To help ensure that your email is delivered, please review the following information:

  • Your message will be printed and delivered by a hospital volunteer, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.  Emails received after hours and on weekends and major holidays will be delivered the next business day.
  • Due to the delivery method, your message will not be confidential.  Please do not send sensitive or private information.
  • We reserve the right to review your email for inappropriate content. We will not deliver messages that use profanity or alarming or offensive language.
  • Remember that many names look or sound the same. Please be as careful, accurate and detailed as possible.
  • We will do our best to deliver messages the same day as they are received. However, there may be circumstances, such as periods of high patient volume, when delivery may be delayed.
  • We will make every effort to deliver your message to the person you intend. However, we are not responsible for a message being misdirected to another patient with a similar name.
  • We cannot deliver emails after a patient has been discharged.

Thank you for using Saint Anne’s “email a patient” service. We are happy to provide this free service so you may send your good wishes to family and friends while they are with us!

Please tell us the following:

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Patient's Information

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